Steps to Setting Up your Account

Register your organization/Business and be able to send customized SMS MESSAGING

- Click on the Link to Register by filling in the Details


- Get online portal where you can be able to send customized SMS Messaging


- Apply for SENDER ID from Safaricom by downloading and filling in the Details, sign and stamp

Sender ID

Sender ID

- Pamatech Global Solutions will Help you to Process the SENDER ID and API for Integration

Sender ID

- Create Different Groups for your Institution

Sender ID

- Add members or Employees or Import Excel Sheet Member List



- Send Customized SMS to Different Groups,Individual or All Members



- Your church does not need to have a Domain or a Server

- SENDER ID processed within a span of 4 Days

- Pricing

Register now on Offer Ksh. 15,000
Price Inclusive of :-
  1. ** SENDER ID(SMS Goes with the name of the organization) Processing and APIS**
  2. ** SERVER and Domain(No need to purchase them) **
  3. ** 1000 free SMS Plus 100 Test SMS **
  4. ** Secured with SSL Certificate **
- For Help Feel Free to contact us at for Queries:
Phone: 0707 793 251